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Seminar “Windows PKI”

In this seminar for Windows PKI you will learn on a conceptional basis and with practical trainings, how to implement and use a PKI in your enterprise that is based on Windows Active Directory Certificate Services (Windows ADCS).

In the seminar we will explain the technical fundamentals of a PKI (public key infrastructure) an the architecture of Certificate Services. You will learn the procedure of installing and configuring a Windows CA Server, the usage and customization of default Certificate Templates, Policy- and Exit-Modules and the integration of smart cards. One major subject are the different registration and enrollment methods. You will learn how to use the issued X.509 certificates with standard applications like Outlook, Acrobat or Internet Explorer and you will see how SmartCard Logon and VPN can be used. Furthermore, important organizational measures like PKI roles and authorizations and backup & recovery will be explained.

This seminar is intended for IT managers, system administrators and IT project managers.

Duration: 2 days