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certMode – mobile encryption certificates

Secardeo certMode is a certificate distribution service for mobile devices that enables seamless end-to-end encryption, digital signature and user authentication for native iOS or Android apps. certMode automatically distributes your user’s private keys and S/MIME certificates to their managed or unmanaged mobile devices in a secure manner. By this, it eliminates deficiencies of existing MDM systems and also offers the automated key distribution without an MDM in order to enable android encryption or iOS encryption for e-mails. Private S/MIME keys are transferred securely from a central key archive into the iOS keychain or the Android keystore. For mobile encryption with external partners certMode can perform a global certificate search for native ActiveSync based mail apps. This is done using LDAP services by Secardeo certBox.

certMode Benefits

certMode offers you mobile PKI services with the following benefits:

  • Automated distribution of protected private keys – no manual tasks for the user
  • Centralized recovery from your PKI key archive – maximum reliability and accuracy
  • Encrypted PKCS#12 transfer to unmanaged devices via e-mail – universal, flexible method
  • Securely adds private keys to device profiles managed by MDM – no private key storing on MDM
  • Bypasses restrictions for keys being manually imported to managed iOS devices
  • Seamlessly improves security through MDM proxy – eliminates Apple MDM protocol limitations
  • Global retrieval of partner encryption certificates via LDAP – solves ActiveSync restrictions
  • Automated mobile encryption, transparent to the user – no need for manual certificate import
  • Provides global certificate search by ActiveSync proxy – bypasses MS Exchange AS limitations

MDM Proxy

certMode provides an MDM proxy for distributing your user’s private keys (.P12/PFX) and S/MIME certificates to his managed devices. certMode MDM does this using patent-pending high security mechanisms. By this it will enable using S/MIME on iPhones or Androids.
The certMode MDM proxy integrates with your standard MDM systems and iOS devices. It will transfer the private key of the user automatically from the central key archive of your PKI to the iOS keychain of his iPhone. The private key is highly protected during transfer using end-to-end encryption. Private keys can be retrieved from the key archive of Secardeo certEP or a Microsoft CA. Integration with other CA key archives is also possible.

certMode MDM is delivered as a virtual machine for VMware or for Hyper-V.

EAS Proxy

certMode provides an Exchange ActiveSync proxy for retrieving external partner’s encryption certificates from public LDAP servers using advanced patented mechanisms. The certMode EAS proxy integrates with your MS Exchange or any other ActiveSync server. It provides a connection to the Secardeo certBox or another LDAP server.

certMode EAS is delivered as a virtual machine for VMware or for Hyper-V.