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certMode – mobile S/MIME certificate retrieval

Secardeo certMode is a certificate retrieval service for mobile devices that enables seamless end-to-end encryption for native iOS or Android apps.

For an iPhone or Android user to encrypt e-mails to external recipients, their X.509 certificates are required. These are available via public certificate directories for retrieval via LDAP. In order for a mobile client to access such directory services, the certificate search queries must be appropriately converted and forwarded.

With Secardeo certMode, a seamless conversion of certificate search queries from mobile e-mail apps in LDAP is carried out according to a patented procedure. This means that global certificate retrievals can be made from many connected public key infrastructures, for example with the Secardeo certBox.

This allows the user of a mobile device to encrypt transparently when e-mailing to any recipient.

certMode EAS is delivered as a virtual machine for VMware or for Hyper-V.


certMode Benefits

certMode offers you mobile PKI services with the following benefits:

  • Global retrieval of partner certificates via LDAP – solves restrictions of mobile e-mail apps
  • Support of standard e-mail apps for S/MIME – no additional apps required
  • Automated mobile S/MIME encryption, transparent to the user – no need for manual certificate import
  • Provides certificates from AD and global directories  – encryption to local and global recipients