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SECARDEO GmbH is a provider of corporate solutions using digital signatures and certificates. In this area, Secardeo offers competent consulting, pioneering products and integrated solutions.

Our solutions enable the user transparent end-to-end encryption of e-mails between organizations from a desktop or mobile device without additional client software. We enable the automatic provisioning of globally accepted certificates from a public CA provider to all users in a Windows domain.

The success of Secardeo is based on the outstanding competence and customer orientation of its employees. Secardeo’s experts could extend their experiences during the development and operation of very large PKIs. By this, they provide valuable knowledge of technologies, products and organizational measures and project management skills.

Secure E-Mail communication with certificates








Secardeo GmbH has been founded in 2001 by Dr. Gunnar Jacobson and Secardeo has performed a huge number of consulting and implementation projects. Our customers are global players and large enterprises. The company’s location is in Ismaning near Munich.